V-Span UK, Tanzania, Ethiopia The V-Span is a commercial version of the folded plate designs developed by Prof Mike Davies at Salford University. This lightweight system enables spans of up to 22m using roof sheets as a truss, eliminating fabricated steelwork. This has been used in Ethiopia by Oxfam and in Tanzania by SOGEA, as …


Uniport Worldwide Photographs of Uniports around the world, including one with HM the Queen and Prince Philip many years ago! Technology used: UNIPORT LAST PROJECT ¦  NEXT PROJECT


UN Relief and Works Agency Amman, Jordan This remains our largest single project, with over 2000 buildings supplied in 1967. They were designed to be erected for three years, but the last time we visited Jordan they were still there, albeit with verandahs and gardens. This illustrates the problem of supplying something which lasts too …

Saudi Arabia

Prince Sultan Airforce Base Saudi Arabia The USAF base at Prince Sultan Airbase needed an air-conditioned kitchen/diner to feed 1000 people per hour, using existing kitchen equipment housed in tents. Conport personnel flew out and studied the problem on the ground. Having measured all the equipment and worked out the flow of traffic, we designed …

British Caribbean

Montserrat British Caribbean We supplied Flospan buildings to the Government of the British Caribbean Island of Montserrat. These Flospans were purchased after the devastation caused by Hurricane Hugo, and were funded by the Overseas Development Agency of the British Government, (now the Department For International Development). Flospans were chosen for their wind resistant design and …


Haiti, transitional & permanent shelter London We designed this building for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. For political reasons, aid for buildings to house the thousands of homeless has yet to come into effect, but we have since used this system in Pakistan. Technology used: CONPORT LAST PROJECT ¦  NEXT PROJECT


Flospan Assorted photos of Flospans, showing applications such as green keepers sheds for golf courses, indoor gymnasiums, recreation areas, offces, brickwork classrooms and barracks. The erection team shown outside a Flospan in Pakistan is experienced as we have supplied over 50 Flospans in the North West frontier province. Technology used: FLOSPAN LAST PROJECT ¦  NEXT …


Coolspan UK, Eritrea Conport Coolspan buildings have cold formed portal frames and have been used for laboratories and and auditorium at the University of Asmara, Eritrea as well as for clients in the UK. Also shown is a Cablespan building erected at Gosport in the 1940’s using aluminium from Spitfire stock, cables from barrage balloons …

Conport Panel Buildings

Conport Panel buildings Conport Panel buildings have been used for expat housing and remote camps in many parts of the world. They are very easy to erect and don’t require lifting equipment. Prefabricated foundations can be supplied, and all parts are relocatable LAST PROJECT ¦  NEXT PROJECT


Afghan Wireless & Cable Company Kabul The AWCC Kabul site was equipped with two Flospan A930 structures in 2003. These Flospans are double skinned and insulated, and fitted internally with equipment racking. We supplied M&E fitout, and sent a supervisor to site. Technology used: FLOSPAN LAST PROJECT ¦  NEXT PROJECT