Humanitarian Housing


The average refugee in a protracted situation can live in a camp for 17 years or more. It is also common for entire generations to grow up in camps.

The solution is often a decision: house the largest number of people possible as quickly as possible, OR set up an infrastructure for the future.

..but what if you could do both?

The Homespan is our latest frameless 
housing solution

A reliable, 100% recyclable yet strong housing design for displaced people and people in regions of political and / or environmental instability. Standard sizes start at 3x6m.

Easy to erect

The mobile, frameless, steel construction is fire resistant, can be put up in just 3 hours and has a lifespan of up to 40 years or more! For shorter term uses they are easy to take down, recycle, re-use and store in another emergency elsewhere.

The Homespan is made with off-the-shelf materials that could be sourced locally. Different solutions and options for windows and doors are designed for different climates.


The Homespan is the most recent iteration of an evolution of projects from 1965

Including 2,000 homes for a UN housing in Jordan, pictured above, the much loved Uniport and other panel buildings, pictured below.

Swiss Uniport housing

Locally thatched Uniport

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visiting a Uniport

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visiting an early Uniport

Asmara Uniport Housing

Addis Ababa Uniport toyshop

Panel Housing complex

Mozambique Housing

Oman housing

Yemen panel housing

Yemen panel housing + AC

Jordanian Panel Housing

Jordan housing + verandah

Haiti housing