Relocatable buildings for a zero waste future.

We are pioneers of 
100% relocatable  and frameless 
steel buildings

Our mission is to provide simple, secure shelter around the world using buildings that have as low an impact on the environment as possible.

We have 5 Key Solutions

for an engineered and lightweight steel construction

Flospan, Baby Flospan, grain store, warehousing, storage for displaced people, refugee camp, Mobile Storage Unit, Remote Storage, MSU
Northlight, art studio, mobile classroom, studio space, university prefabricated solution
V-span, storage for displaced people, refugee camp, Mobile Storage Unit, Remote Storage, MSU
Homespan, refugee housing unit, housing for displaced people, RFU
Uniport, refugee housing, housing for displaced people

Why steel?

….it’s secure, durable, waterproof, fire resistant and already the worlds’ most recycled building material – no plastic waste!

Why mobile?

…the buildings can be redeployed for the next emergency – and the ones after that. All holes are predrilled. No need for electric self-drilling self-tapping screws that require power tools and make holes that can’t be re-used.

Why frameless?

…transport costs are halved – the design is much lighter. No need for expensive lifting or seaming equipment OR heavy foundations to support the frame. The cladding sheets are integral to the structure so they won’t get ripped off in high winds!

Our sector expertise

We have built 2,000 houses outside Amman, Jordan.

Enough space for 2,500 tonnes of grain can be shipped in one  20’ container.

We have supplied 100 classrooms to Libya in one order.

We have supplied stores for Rural Health Clinics throughout Ethiopia and Timor Leste

We have buildings in 60 countries

Conport have been designing for nearly 60 years. We have supplied nearly 4,000 buildings worldwide.