Conport has been involved in the aid sector since 1965, and has supplied many of the leading multilateral agencies and NGO’s with buildings.

In our early days we supplied prefabricated buildings to house refugees (see UNWRA Case Study). More recently, the aid community has turned towards using plastic sheeting, tents, and local materials in order to maintain pressure on governments, political factions and refugees to keep relief housing temporary. Nevertheless, we still produce durable, cost-effective and comfortable housing for this purpose.

Our involvement with emergency aid in recent years has been mainly in the provision of Mobile Storage Units. Flospans are ideal for this application as they can be erected on bare ground without foundations or lifting equipment. They withstand strong winds and are secure, as well as lasting much longer than the flimsy fabric clad halls with which they are also economically competitive.

All Conport buildings are designed to be provided off the shelf and to be packed efficiently into 20’ containers. We can ship over 11,000 ft2 in a single container.

Anywhere in the world, if there is a need for simple durable structures we can provide proven solutions.