Who We Are

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Conport buildings have been used all over the world since 1965, with a continuing history of innovation. They can be permanent or temporary and can be moved from site to site.

In the UK we occupy a niche for buildings which need to be erected for education quickly during the summer holidays, and where claustrophobic cabins are best avoided.

Conport was founded in 1965 by Peregrine S Churchill (nephew of Sir Winston). He designed the “Twynham” and “Romney” buildings for military purposes, and devoted his life to designing pre-engineered buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Our head office is next to Sloane Square, London. Manufacturing takes place in South Wales and Suffolk, and we have a partner company in Bangalore, India.

Conport buildings are designed for transport overseas in 20′ containers, and for erection using unskilled labour without special equipment. Foundation requirements are minimal, and most designs can be erected on firm level bare ground.

Due to the large distances involved in many of our projects, we place great emphasis on product quality and getting everything right first time. Our quality administration systems have been assessed and approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.